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FANEL, the Federation for Accessible Nursing Education and Licensure, is an organization dedicated to the preservation of the present system of nursing education and licensure.

FANEL supports the current system of four routes to nursing licensure (associate degree, diploma, baccalaureate, and licensed practical nurse programs), a system which allows freedom of choice for individuals planning a career in nursing and recognizes the competence of nurses educated in a variety of programs.

Why the Concern?
The requirement of a baccalaureate degree for entry into professional nursing would be a restrictive move for members of the profession, employers, and the public.

Elimination of the multiple educational routes into nursing would limit access to a career in nursing, especially for those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

A majority of today's nurses are graduates of the very programs slated for elimination. The absence of these schools would result in a further shortage of nurses.

What Does FANEL Do?
Activities of FANEL include:

  • Maintaining a nationwide telephone network for the exchange of information on entry-level issues;
  • Advising and supporting individuals and groups working on licensure issues in their states;
  • Speaking at forums and conferences on entry-level;
  • Publishing brochures and monographs;
  • Monitoring state and Federal legislation;
  • Preparing and presenting testimony to legislative and regulatory bodies;
  • Facilitating creation and development of the National Coalition for Nursing Needs.

FANEL is governed by a ten-member Board of Directors, elected by FANEL members. The composition of the Board reflects the geographic and professional diversity of the membership.

How Can You Help?
FANEL works primarily through a nationwide network of groups, agencies, and individuals committed to the purpose of the organization. You can help by: 

  • Keeping FANEL informed about developments in your state concerning licensure and nursing education;
  • Joining FANEL today by filling out our online membership application;
  • Encouraging your colleagues, friends of nursing, and others concerned with health care to join FANEL with you.

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